Alex Stern

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Boston, MA

As an artist, I think about collision: flesh meeting the built world, the convergence of trauma and humor, and the connection between philosophy and its material expression. I am attracted to the quirks and frailties of human nature, individual and societal excess, and the dynamics of inner life. Through paint, other people’s photographs, and found language, I explore the intersection of these unlikely combinations, making new images that are at once upsetting and funny, confusing and revealing, painterly and harsh. My work appears coded, yet it is coherent to me. I hope that it expresses a tension that extends beyond my own interpretation. While I approach every canvas with specific questions in mind, part of my practice involves letting go of original intentions and giving myself the freedom to undo. I think of my practice as a meditation on the unknown known, often revealed in the margins of life.