Brad Nelson

Region: Northeast


City / State: Falmouth, MA

Belief systems come to us on the breath of previous generations. I am interested in the mythological origins that underlie many of the beliefs we inherit and the faith-based foundation on which they hover. For generations, mythologies have been visually created and supported through the practice of painting. For this series of work I adopt this approach in order to construct a new mythology of how our beliefs arrive in our mouths.

We inherit these concepts and then transfer them, both literally and figuratively, upon the individual breaths we breathe. I employ the symbolism of wind and fog, not as natural phenomena that can scientifically be explained, but as weather systems we create. Wind and fog are a collection of breaths that have accumulated as we continue the support of mythologies. Like our breath, wind is an invisible force that causes noticeable effects, while fog, also like our collective breath, tends to build up and obscure critical perception. The atmosphere that surrounds us is of our own creation and it is this that we breathe.