Darja Bajagic

Gallery Affiliations: Yale University

Region: MFA Annual

“I remember seeing a child’s drawing that represented a skyscraper building.”

My work explores notions of the real and of truth (“truth” in the traditional philosophical sense of the generally invariant and genuinely indiscernible). The objects I form—both nondigital and digital—live in multiple realities, orienting themselves in and with the real and simultaneously throwing the real into question. (I am referring to the “real” that has an actual and conceptual existence, as well as to the Lacanian Real as the impossible, the irreducible to language.) Difficult-to-perceive sensory details in the objects (color shifts, lines, and embedded preexisting elements) function as formal ruptures, locating abstract spaces via interruptions in our experience. My objects create complex realities pointing to unknowable possibilities. They are infinite recesses, asking us to engage with things as they are, and not as they appear to us.