Miami Project 2015

The final fair to share, Miami Project. I am also throwing in some pictures from Art on Paper, which was a tiny extension to the fair. Enjoy, and see you next year, Miami! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Yongjae Kim, Muriel Gu├ępin Gallery

Bast, Alouche Gallery

Markus Linnenbrink, Center Street Studio

Faile, Alouche Gallery

Faile, Alouche Gallery

Skylar Fein (NAP #112), Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Margaret Evangeline (NAP #36) & Bonnie Maygarden (NAP #112), Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Tim Dowd, Randall Scott Projects

Alex Ebstein (NAP #105, #118), Randall Scott Projects

Ross Bonfanti, Rebecca Hossback

Rose Blake, Robecca Hossback

Derrick Velasquez, Robischon

Ted Larsen (NAP #5, #90), Robischon

Marc Trujillo (NAP #25), Hirschl & Adler Modern

Gregory Euclide (NAP #53, #71, #83, #101), Hashimoto Contemporary

Jessica Hess (NAP #74), Hashimoto Contemporary

Dave Eggers, Electric Work

Andrew Masullo, Philip Stein Gallery

Gabi Trinkhaus, Claire Oliver

Matt Bahen, Claire Oliver

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